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EDUCAUSE 2020 Top 10 IT Issues and how Curriculum Management fits in

EDUCAUSE 2020 Top 10 IT Issues and how Curriculum Management fits in

Curriculum Management Institutional Agility Student Attraction Dx Transformation Student Success

Each year, EDUCAUSE publishes its ‘Top 10 IT Issues’, curated by an expert panel of IT and non-IT leaders. While the list for 2020 was released before the COVID-19 pandemic, we still view these...
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Now is the time to prepare for a changed world

Curriculum Management Institutional Agility Dx Transformation Student Success

It is very clear that this current situation is not about to blow over quickly. Having been frantically engaged in Business Continuity Planning for the last few weeks, it feels as if we are all...

Solving the Curriculum Management problem to enable student success

Curriculum Management Student Expectations Dx Transformation Student Success

Having worked closely with multiple universities over the last five years, this is what we've learned about solving the Curriculum Management problem end-to-end to enable student success.

This is...

Macquarie University’s curriculum transformation

Curriculum Management Dx Transformation

By Sean Brawley

Originally appeared in Campus Morning Mail and published here with permission.

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What do we mean by Curriculum Management and why does it matter?

Curriculum Management

At CourseLoop (formerly known as Factor5 Software), we eat, sleep and breathe ‘curriculum management’. But when you’re so close to something it’s sometimes difficult to remember that not everyone...
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5 reasons to focus on Curriculum Management

Curriculum Management Student Expectations Institutional Agility Student Attraction

Universities have always had to manage the process of designing, approving and delivering a taught curriculum. But many organisations do this using word documents, manual processes and homegrown...